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its a WIP, and there will be massive changes.

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OOC- Putting Ivy on a permanent hiatus, but not closing the blog just yet.

If we have a thread you really enjoy with me, or have ever wanted to RP with me and have ideas/plot bunnies, I can be reached on my Skype account: lou.cakie, I will be tagging people to whom it might matter.  I’m not angry or upset, I just think Ivy is not right for the tumblr RP community.  Good luck to you all, I’ll be on my Theon Greyjoy account and my personal blog.

Where did you go? I really want to continue our thread.

//bah! I’m sorry! I just saw this.  I’m ritiring this account.  But we can always use my skype.  I’ve tagged you in the closing post.

thorofjotunheim whispered:
Congratulations! You've won third prize in my giveaway! You have won a fanvid of a chorus, you choose the song, and I have tagged you in a post that lists the movies on my computer. You have also won a fanfic that is up to 1000 words and a promo and a spot on my sidebar for four days.

I’m sorry! I jsut saw this!  And I’m putting this account into retirement.  If you haven’t already go ahead and pick another winner <3  Thank you anyway!


//actually it’ll be good to know who I’m threading with that is NaNo-ingredient aside from you two.

NaNo? /out of the loop.